13th International Autumn Salon of Arts opening: 14.10. 2016 at BWA Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland

?The idea of the 13th International Autumn Salon of Arts (IASA) in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski includes the confrontation of the works of individual artists and the observation of them in the wider context of European art. The assumption seems to be very ambitious, although organizationally quite difficult to implement. The sculptures or paintings of large dimensions are cumbersome in the shipping or transporting, and as the result of so prosaic difficulties the Salon in Ostrowiec will always mobilize, in a very high percentage, mainly Polish artists (with a significant majority of the young generation) to participate in it. This does not mean that the older artists with high reputations and positions in the contemporary Polish art do not participate to the event. The 13th IASA competition in Ostrowiec is a conglomerate of different attitudes in the arts? disciplines, styles and iconographic visions. That is why the exhibitions ? which presents the works (selected by the jury) from different disciplines, such as paintings, graphics, sculptures, drawings, or spatial objects ? arouse the great interest of the audience and become the field for evaluation of the art and clashing views on the topics. I would particularly stress here the aspect of the assessment and evaluation, because the competition-event is also to demonstrate and justify the values that the art brings to our minds and hearts. It is also about not to confuse the ?value? of the work of art with its ?price? of the market, because they do not always go hand in hand. [?] 161 artists submitted to the 13th International Autumn Art Salon 423 works. In the first stage, the Jury made a selection and qualified for the exhibition 185 works of 111 artists.

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Exhibition during Malmo Gallery Night: 24.09 at Miva Gallery

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Nadchodzące wystawy/Upcoming shows

Nadchodzące wystawy: wrzesień - Miva Gallery, Malmo październik - Międzynarodowy Jesienny Salon Malarstwa, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski listopad - Galeria Arttrakt, Wrocław grudzień - Miva Gallery, GoteborgUPCOMING SHOWS: SEPTEMBER - Miva Gallery, Malmo OCTOBER - International Review of Painting, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski NOVEMBER - Arttrakt Gallery, Wroclaw DECEMBER - Miva Gallery, Goteborg

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8 kobiet 8 women

"Konduktorownia" Częstochowa, 8.03-31.03.2016

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New gallery

New galleries comming soon...

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Solo show

Solo show, Miva Gallery, Stockholm, 13.02 12-17

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